What is $STONKS?
    $STONKS is a new crypto project that offers binary options trading and rewards for holders. It has a unique tokenomics model that includes trade taxes, development and marketing allocations, liquidity locks, and dApp Rewards.
How do I buy $STONKS?
    $STONKS is available for purchase on Uniswap v2.
What is the maximum supply of $STONKS?
    The maximum supply of $STONKS is 100 million tokens.
How does $STONKS reward its holders?
    A 1% trade tax is allocated to dApp Rewards, which is distributed to holders based on their token holdings.
How long is the liquidity lock period?
    The liquidity lock period is 1 month initially and will be extended later.
What is the maximum wallet size for $STONKS?
    At the start, the maximum wallet size for $STONKS is limited to 2% to prevent whales from buying large amounts.
Is $STONKS safe and secure?
    Yes, $STONKS is designed with security and safety in mind. The team is committed to conducting regular security checks and audits to ensure the safety and integrity of the project.